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Friday Dec 18, 2020

THAT METAL INTERVIEW presents Derek Engemann of SCOUR, PHILIP ANSELMO & THE ILLEGALS, CAST THE STONE (recorded December 2020). Derek fills us in on the meaning behind the 3 SCOUR EP's. He also shares his experience playing PANTERA songs onstage with the legendary Phil Anselmo; reveals the future of CAST THE STONE as well as an exlusive on SCOUR.Support the show (

Monday Dec 14, 2020

THAT METAL INTERVIEW presents Anne Erickson of UPON WINGS & AUDIO INK PODCAST (recorded December 2020). The frontwoman for UPON WINGS/AUDIO INK PODCAST host sits down with us to talk about her beginnigs with music and also speaks of her experiences with artists she has interviewed. She reveals the band's future plans and their up and coming release.Support the show (

Friday Dec 04, 2020

THAT METAL INTERVIEW presents Gus G. of FIREWIND formerly with the OZZY OSBOURNE BAND (recorded December 2020). Gus explains how he juggles his solo career and FIREWIND's schedule. Also talks about his experiences with the legend OZZY OSBOURNE & learning the different guitar parts and various guitar techniques on Ozzy's songs.Support the show (

Saturday Nov 28, 2020

THAT METAL INTERVIEW presents John McEntee of INCANTATION (recorded November 2020). John checks in with us to talk about INCANTATION's newest effort 'Sect of Vile Divinities' and also shares some very interesting stories about his musical career thus far.Support the show (

Thursday Nov 26, 2020

THAT METAL INTERVIEW presents Steve 'Lips' Kudlow of ANVIL (recorded November 2020). The Canadian thrasher talks to us about the reality about their world famous movie/documentary and how it boosted their fame worldwide. Also speaks about very interesting ANVIL stories.Support the show (

Friday Nov 06, 2020

THAT METAL INTERVIEW presents Bald Man (recorded October 2020). The actor/musician talks to us about his new record 'Music For the Rest of Us'. He also speaks to about his acting career past, present & future roles including his upcoming original movie 'HELLBILLY HOLLOW'.Support the show (

Tuesday Nov 03, 2020

THAT METAL INTERVIEW presents Lindsay Schoolcraft of ANTIQVA formerly with CRADLE OF FILTH (recorded October 2020). The gothic goddess talks about the hardships and the toll life on the road can take on a person. Also talks about her experience recording 'Martyr' with former EVANESCENCE drummer Rocky Gray; gives us an update on ANTIQVA.Support the show (

Thursday Oct 29, 2020

THAT METAL INTERVIEW presents Michael Sweet of STRYPER (recorded October 2020). The Stryper frontman explains to us his appreciation for his fans and the struggles the band has been through over the years. Michael also expresses his way working with his brother and bandmate Robert Sweet. He also answers plenty of fan questions.Support the show (

Friday Oct 23, 2020

THAT METAL INTERVIEW presents Eleni Nota of NERVOSA (recorded October 2020). Eleni talks to us about the making of 'PERPETUAL CHAOS' and meeting her new band mates. Also reveals her side project and gives us a run down on her equipment.Support the show (

Thursday Oct 22, 2020

THAT METAL INTERVIEW presents Jason Bittner of OVERKILL & SHADOWS FALL (recorded October 2020). Jason expresses how he misses being on the road and back to normal life. Talks to us about his long -standing friendship with the OVERKILL camp.Support the show (

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